Virtual Therapy Services for Individuals, Couples, and Families

Welcome to our group practice where we are now offering the option for Telehealth sessions. Telehealth provides the opportunity to receive excellent care that revolves around you. Additionally, Telehealth offers care that makes everything more accessible and easier and you don’t have to leave your home or your office to receive exceptional treatment. Telehealth lets you check in with your provider from anywhere in Washington, and you can connect with your provider on your phone, tablet or computer.

Time is a valuable resource and as our lives have become more demanding, we often don’t make the space for our own self-care, and mental health should be a priority. Whether it is due to full time work, full time parenting or difficulty accessing local resources for mental health, Telehealth removes the barriers to receiving the support of mental health care. Now, accessing your provider is just a click away and you can continue seeing your provider while you are away. Telehealth also provides for a more flexible schedule for both the you and the provider and results in more schedule options that work for both you and the provider. We are happy to offer you this option as you seek mental health care. Check out our list of Telehealth providers or  reach out to schedule today!