Melissa Mason MSN, PMHNP-BC

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Hello and welcome to Counseling Services for Wellbeing! My name is Melissa and I am a Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) that is here to help with any mental health needs that you or your family might have.


I want to help find you answers for any concerns that you are facing by discussing them with you, performing psychiatric evaluations, prescribing and managing medications you might need, and performing therapy that is personalized to you. Partnering with my clients to come up with a treatment plan is something that I feel strongly about because it is your mental health and life that we are treating. Utilizing evidence-based treatments along with consideration for your lifestyle is the approach I use for developing a treatment plan.

Destigmatizing mental health care is a passion of mine that I hope to engage with the community here in Washington State to accomplish. Obtaining help when you are struggling should not be seen as a shameful process and should instead be seen as an empowering moment for you because you are taking your life back. You do not have to face this struggle alone and while I know that it takes courage to make the appointment, it is a courageous move that is worth it, I promise.


Prior to becoming a PMHNP, I spent eleven years as a nurse on an inpatient pediatrics unit and have had countless experiences caring for and managing mental health conditions that children and adolescents face. In addition to this, my education at Walden University gave me invaluable experience treating adults and older adults, and I look forward to helping clients across the lifespan of ages.

In my free time, my husband, two kids, and myself have been exploring our new home state of Washington and getting to know all of the beautiful scenery that is here in the Pacific Northwest.

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