Kathy Thompson, MS, LMHC

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Locations: Smokey Point

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor having earned my Masters degree in Psychology from the University of Phoenix with additional area of mental health counseling study having been completed at Capella University. I provide counseling and therapeutic services to individuals 18 years of age and beyond, and to couples by referral only.

My areas of proficiency include addressing issues related to anxiety, depression, trauma, grief/loss, and life transitions in addition to crisis stabilization. I am also available to provide services via Telehealth.

Background and Experience

My desire for being of service to others is deep-rooted. My goal throughout life has been to make a change in the world and the way in which we view it. Having worked in a helping capacity throughout my life through volunteer work and in a caregiver role led me to working in Washington with the underserved in the community mental health realm.

As a mental health professional my goal is to build a collaborative, nonjudgmental, supportive environment in which clients are provided a sense of acceptance and safety to focus on emotions, thoughts, and experiences, all which hold a significant role in the process of healing, personal growth and well-being. I tend to draw from mindfulness, developmental, and analytical perspectives blended with cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapy, although have been trained in a variety of counseling theories and evidenced based practices. I incorporate my partner, Ravyn, an English Mastiff into my psychotherapy work. I believe her presence benefits my clients having scientific studies backing me up. The use of animals by health professionals in their work is called Animal Assisted Therapy.

My career as a counselor began with a community mental health organization serving the clinical needs of individuals struggling with chronic mental health issues. After 4 years working in a community-level capacity, I made the decision to move into a group private practice setting having joined the team at Counseling Services for Wellbeing. It is an incredible honor to be allowed access into the realms of a clients’ life experiences, and I value the continued ability to develop my understanding of human experience offered by each counseling relationship.

I welcome the opportunity to accompany you on your therapeutic journey to wellbeing.


Ravyn is an English Mastiff service dog in training working with her human Kathy Thompson. She enjoys sharing warmth and kindness with those in need of a little special attention and tender loving care. As a service dog in training Ravyn provides a welcomed break from daily routine of trials and tribulations while providing an extra boost of confidence and compassion.
Some therapists have paws.

  • Name – Ravyn
  • Breed – English Mastiff
  • Handler – Kathy Thompson

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