Cara Hamilton, PMHNP-BC

Make the first step towards a better you.

Locations: Burien,Greenlake

As a Board Certified- Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP), I perform psychiatric assessments, manage and prescribe medication, as well as discuss and preform therapies tailored to your individual needs. I received my Masters of Science in Nursing from Seattle University in Seattle, WA. Seattle University has provided me with an excellent nursing education and an abundance of clinical experience working with diverse populations within a variety of different settings (community mental health clinics, correctional facility, and private practice). Prior to graduate school, I attended Washington State University and completed my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. I am a firm advocate for complementary health therapies as well as comprehensive healing and health promotion.


My approach to care is collaborative, holistic, and patient-centered. I find that positive outcomes most frequently occur when the patient’s voice is prioritized throughout the development of treatment plans. I want to respect and maximally incorporate your values and preferences into your treatment. I recognize that this is your mental health, your body and mind, your life. As a provider, my job is to essentially serve as a guide and resource so that collaboratively we can make informed decisions about your treatment that utilize evidence based practice and least restrictive measures while optimizing safety and functionality.

I believe effective mental health care requires a holistic approach. In order facilitate healing of the mind; we must also focus on healing of the body and spirit. During our interactions I incorporate education on healthy lifestyles as well as help you identify ways in which you feed your soul. I believe mental health care must aim to help you thrive. Treatment cannot exclusively focus on reduction of symptoms. Ultimately, treatment needs to empower you by preserving your autonomy and helping you live a life you find meaningful.

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