Useful Websites and Contacts
Counseling Services for Wellbeing, Inc. is a multi-disciplinary Group Practice offering individualized and creative approaches to understanding problems and solutions. The Group Practice provides diverse services to meet the needs of clients including therapy for individuals, couples, children, adolescents and families. Some of our specialties include:

Mental Health 

The Crisis Clinic: 206-461-3222



  • Dr. John Bellavia  – The Cabrini Towers: 206-623-0793
  • Dr. Havens – The Cabrini Towers 206-623-0793
  • Fred Davis (talk therapy and psychiatry) 
  • Lake Union Psychiatric Group 206-324-4500
  • Dr. Ileana Cailiniou  425-641-8492 


AOD Assessment and counseling

  • Lole Dwinnell AOD counselor: 206-281-1205
  • Mary Blackburn AOD assessment and counseling: 425-451-0900 or 425-455-2080


Psychological Testing

  • Psychologist at Children’s Hospital:  J. Thome


EMFT Certified Couples Therapist

  • Roy Hogdson Certified EMFT couples therapist: 206-284-2276




Psychological Testing for Child Assessment, evaluation and referral

  • Dr. Skye Camphouse, Mindful Therapy Group: 206-319-4446
  • Elizabeth Smith 425-301-1816
  • Dr. Barola Bozenberg 425-454-3100
  • Patricia Oppenheim – Testing for schools, specialist also in Dysgraphia testing 425-562-1515
  • Mary Eioruio – ABCD Clinic 206-361-6884
  • Valerie Wall Psychological testing 206-325-5700
  • Les Rawlings Counseling:  Sex addiction specialist: 206-323-0905
  • Edmonds Childrens Clinic Encopresis  425-640-4337


Testing for Autism

  • Dr. Skye Camphouse, Mindful Therapy Group: 206-319-4446
  • Dan Salzer 425-483-4136 Woodinville
  • Child and Family Law Center: Alison Warden 206-512-4519
  • Darrow Chan 425-827-3019 in Kirkland
  • Elizabeth Cassidy 425-889-0377 Redmond
  • The A star Clinic:  Gary Stobbe 206-332-1646 in Capitol Hill


Autism:  Books and Documentaries

  • Tony Atwood – Eating artichoke pretending to be normal
  • Asperger in love
  • The Oasis Website
  • Adam – the movie



  • The Gage Academy free art lessons etc.
  • The Hugo House free writing lessons etc. 
  • Art Instruction Schools: 3400 Technology Drive Minneapolis, MN 55418 Phone: 612-362-5072
  • A site for Seattle Teens
  • Jobs for Washington Graduates
  • Seattle Youth Employment Program


Books recommendations:

  • Borderline Personality Disorder Demystified: Robert O. Friedle, MD
  • Stop walking on Eggshells: Mason Kregew
  • Integrative Approach: Norm Weil – Spontaneous Happiness
  • Grief Therapy: Karen Katafiasz
  • How we love, how we love our children