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I am a board-certified psychiatric nurse practitioner for the past 6 years. I am Post-master’s degree in psychiatric nursing as well as a master’s degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner from Maryville University in St. Louis, MO. I also hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Augustana University in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The types of services I offer include psychiatric diagnostic evaluations and psychoeducation. While psychopharmacology is part of the role provided, I consider myself conservative when it comes to medication interventions. I implement evidence-based practice of medication prescribing and management of all patients. I will also be collaborated with therapists, teachers, and families to minimize risk, integrate, and explore options for non-pharmacology treatments approaches. I enjoy working with individuals of all ages and have experience with bipolar disorders, psychotic disorders, panic, depression, anxiety, PTSD, addiction, and ADHD/ADD.


I have known since childhood I want to be a nurse, as a child I cared for stray animal and skinned knees on friends and neighborhood children. I wanted to be in a role that would allow me to encourage, offer hope, and improved quality of life for others. When I reached my dream of becoming a Registered Nurse and FNP, I have worked with children, teens, and adults in behavioral crisis. As a result of seeing a great need for mental health providers, I returned to school to receive my degree to provide psychiatric services to all ages. My experiences have served me well in understanding children, teens, and adults with behavioral health needs in and out of crisis.

People are people first… not a disease or diagnosis. Each one is an individual with unique and individual needs, no two people alike. IT is my goal to always treat everyone as people first, to support then in the trying times that brings them to my door and mostly to offer hope. I value each patient as an incredible participant of this life and our world. I will always treat patients with respect and learn to understand them and what makes them the exceptional human being

Psychiatric Practice Approach 

My goal is to offer hope and improved quality of life to patients in challenging situations in life. I will show empathy and caring during your circumstance no matter what they are. Helping you to walk the journey of wholeness and wellness in body, mind, and soul. I deeply believe in the healing power of human connection that helps us feel heard, loved, and appreciated. I provide person-centered care, planning the treatment plan around your unique needs, and with your input into the how the interventions fit into your lifestyle. Because I believe in the holistic nature of care, I will collaborate with other healthcare providers, to preserve an integrated care approach.

If it is determined that medication is part of that care, I want you to understand and know the options, potential side effects, and expected outcomes of those interventions. Medications are tools to be used often in conjunction with different types of therapy. I also want to understand what your expectations for my care are and know those expectations and ideas regarding medication treatment are of great importance to me and will guide my plan of care. We will work in collaboration together in all decisions to begin, increase, or adjust medications, ensuring that those changes are in line with your understanding and expectations of my care. I will share information about your plan of care and provide education regarding the treatment options and diagnosis. I want communication to be open so there is complete understanding of the treatment plan and you are confident in the plan for your care

Therapy can be an excellent tool in treating mental health issues and often is used along with medication as a helpful addition. We will discuss this and determine if a referral to a psychotherapist may be beneficial to work more comprehensively through your life circumstances and treatment objectives. As we look at your circumstances with a holistic viewpoint and then consider your life and behaviors can impact their mental wellbeing. We will attempt to build your awareness and confidence of these circumstances, some of the techniques will be Solution Focus Therapy, stress management and mindfulness.